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Our 2014 Wild West Shows

Wild West Show: Melodrama on Rails
Featuring a full cast, fun story, and gunfight. When Sheriff Lance Thunder and Daisy Mountain head to Banks to be married and save the family property, evil Madame Weaselcrack will do everything in her power to stop the wedding. Will the wedding happen? Will Daisy's sister Ruby find true love? Will there be a train robbery? Will there be a gunfight? A wedding? All of the above? Find out aboard the Thunder Mountain Line!


Wild West Lite - A smaller two-person show with story and gunfight, while you enjoy a delicious meal. Limited seating. Get meal details from Thunder Mountain Line.

2014 Wild West Heroes

2014 Wild West Heroines

Melodrama on Rails

Show Dates and Times

No more shows scheduled until 2015!

HSB = All shows on the train in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho. All times shown are departure times. You should arrive at least thirty minutes earlier. Trains depart from the depot in the center of Horseshoe Bend, Idaho (HSB).
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What to wear: Dress for the Old West, pardner!

2009 Wild West Show
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