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A Look Back:
Our 2013 Wild West Shows

Wild West Show: Melodrama on Rails
Our big show included a full cast, fun story, musicians, and gunfight.


Wild West Lite - A smaller three-person show with story and gunfight, while you enjoy a delicious meal. Limited seating. Get meal details from Thunder Mountain Line.

Lacey Slucie and Smutley Weaselcrack

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Melodrama on Rails

A classic melodrama! Lucy and Lacey Sluice are desperate to keep open their music school. But banker Smutly Weaselcrack threatens to close the school for unpaid rent ... unless Lucy marries him. Will the Sluice sisters somehow find the money? Or will they turn to robbery to avoid a Weaselcrack marriage? Can hero Lance Saddlestrong convince Weaselcrack to leave Lucy alone? Or will Weaselcrack resort to gunplay to get his way? Find out aboard the Thunder Mountain Line!

Show Dates and Times

Look for a brand new show in 2014!

HSB = All shows on the train in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho. All times shown are departure times. You should arrive at least thirty minutes earlier. Trains depart from the depot in the center of Horseshoe Bend, Idaho (HSB). Click here for directions.

What to wear: Dress for the Old West, pardner!

2009 Wild West Show
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