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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where does River City perform?

A: We perform many shows aboard trains operated by the Thunder Mountain Line. That train departs from Horseshoe Bend, Idaho. We also perform regularly at Woodriver Cellars Winery in Eagle, Idaho. We perform private shows wherever desired by our clients. Our birthday characters arrive wherever you're holding a child's party. We are considering adding public shows but have not announced a schedule.

Q: What should we expect at a River City murder mystery?

A: Our motto is "Theater That Lets You Play Too." All our shows are interactive in one way or another. For our murder mysteries, you receive a program that serves as your detective's notebook. You will receive specific instructions about how to solve the mystery, and you can take notes during the performance. All our shows include extensive mingling time allowing you to question the suspects one-on-one. Of course, you may participate as much or as little as you like. But the more you play, the more we play back!

Q: How much are tickets?

A: Ticket prices are set by the venue. Woodriver Cellars Winery tickets include wine, dinner, and the show. For Thunder Moutain Line trains, prices vary according to age of the rider, the type of excursion, and the amenities offered. For example, not all trains have entertainment. Some trains have catered food. Visit the Thunder Mountain Line website for the TML schedule and prices

Q: Where do I board the train?

A: Most trains leave from the depot building in the heart of Horseshoe Bend, Idaho. Take Highway 55 to Horseshoe Bend and turn at the train tracks.  Need a map? Click here for directions

Q: How long do the train rides last?

A: It depends on the show, the route taken by the train, and any time spent disembarked at the end of the line. The longest rides are about 3 hours, and the shortest about 2 hours.

Q: What do I wear to a show?

A: Woodriver Cellars shows are may be indoors or outdoors. The trains are climate-controlled, but some have events outside. Always dress for the weather. Most of our shows are themed. Many audience members dress accordingly. For example, for our baseball-themed murder mystery, many audience members dressed as baseball players or fans. Be creative! Have fun!

Q: How long does your season run?

A: Thunder Mountain Line runs trains mid-March to New Year's Eve. Look for the schedule on the Thunder Mountain Line website.

The Woodriver Cellars shows run year-round. Check our website frequently for any new shows we add.

River City Entertainment performs year round. Check our website for dates, times, and locations. Or book a show any time by clicking to Contact Us

Q:  What if we book a private murder mystery or other show? How does that work?

A: River City Entertainment performs wherever you want in Idaho's Treasure Valley area, including Ada and Canyon county. We have minimal space and equipment requirements. You may book a private show at Woodriver Cellars Winery or on the Thunder Mountain Line train. But we have also performed private shows in private residences, businesses, restaurants, and hotel conference centers. We will work with you in advance to prepare your guests to ensure they have a great time. We will also completely meet your schedule, so we can work around dinner, speakers, awards, or any other events you have planned.

Q: If I book a show, do I need a stage or sound system?

A: No. All our shows are portable. We can work in any venue. We'll need enough space to perform and a power source. That's it!


Q: What happens when your character arrives at my child's birthday party?

A: We craft every birthday party visit to make each child feel as special as possible. We're not just entertaining. We're creating a magical little experience for your guests! For example, each of our princesses arrives in a magnificent costume. She'll introduce herself and greet each child individually. She'll tell her story, then engage the children in "Princess Class." Each girl learns to curtsey, wave, and walk; and gets a lesson in applying princess makeup. Boys learn to bow. Each child learns VERY polite ways to meet or thank someone. Then they all display their new skills in a princess parade ... to the delight of any gathered parents!

Q: What do you provide for my child's birthday party?

A: We always provide one actor in full costume entertaining for a full hour. We always provide a special gift for the birthday boy or girl, fitting the theme. We always provide engaging lessons and fun activities fitting the theme. Some characters sing. We will always cut the cake and pose for unlimited pictures.

If you like, we will bring gifts for all your guests for a modest additional charge. We can also add additional characters at your request. We have teamed with a professional photographer and can offer professional photos if you like.

Q: Can I provide my own birthday party gifts and plan some of my own party activities for you?

A: Absolutely. The hour our character spends at your party is yours. Feel free to use it however you like. For example, some parents make gift bags for our characters to distribute. We will accommodate any reasonable request, and will work with you in advance to make sure our visit unfolds exactly as you imagine it.