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Murder Mystery Titles Available for Private Shows

In addition to our public shows on the Thunder Mountain Line, we produce murder mysteries for private parties and events. We've reserved a special selection of titles for private shows! Choose any of the titles below ... or we'll write a custom story just for you!

The Legend of Kong King
When a motion picture crew gathers to fim their final scenes, movie magic turns to movie tragic when the film’s producer is found dead. Will homicide strike a minor chord on this major motion picture?

What to wear: dress for the 1930's or like film extras in jungle attire!

Otto Caprelli

Dysfunction Junction: The Larry Springger Show
When a guest dies on a national TV talk show, torrid tabloid talk becomes reality crime drama as a nationwide audience follows a tantalizing trail of clues.

What to wear: Trailer park trashy!


Shocking Secrets: An All New Larry Springger Show
When a Hollywood agent is murdered after promising to "tell all" on national TV, you help determine who was the "bad actor" with the motive, means, and opportunity to cancel their agent's contract ... for good?

What to wear: Dress like Hollywood stars or rabid fans of the movie "Shocking Secrets!"

Larry Springger: Shocking Secrets

Lights, Camera, Action Heroes
When the cast of a superhero show reunites to promote the release of the season one DVD, one actor is conspicuously absent. Holy homicide, Batman! It was murder!

What to wear: Dress as your favorite super hero!


Murder By the Book
When a best-selling author is murdered on her own publicity tour, mystery readers become amateur sleuths. But only one suspect has the motive, means, and opportunity to commit this novel crime. Will your detective work help you close the book on a killer?

What to wear: Dress as a mystery writer, mystery book reader, or famous literary detective.


American Image Idol
When the hit TV phenomenon broadcasts its finale, fans are shocked at the death of a popular judge. But on live TV, the show must go on!

What to wear: Come as a fan for finalists "Kelly" or "Terri."
Bring signs if you like!


Three Strikes, You're Dead
It's murder most foul when the manager of a baseball team is killed just before Fan Appreciation Day. Who put him in the dugout ... permanently?

What to wear: Baseball player or rabid fan!
Team colors are red and white.


Late Night is Murder 
When Jay Reno, the famous "Late at Night" TV talk show host, decides to air his final show on the Thunder Mountain Line, every celebrity in Hollywood clamors to be part of the experience. But when his replacement is found dead, will Jay be able to talk himself out of murder?

What to wear: Come as you are. But remember: you'll be on TV!

Jay Reno

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company Dead 
When the Boogie Woogie Reveille show rolls into town, they are more than a 1940’s-style musical sensation. These GI guys and gals are real war heroes! But even heroes have dark sides. Star bugler Reveille Ryan has been murdered. Was it one of the Reveille Reds singers? Or a Boogie Boys band member? The audience must decide: who was the instrument of death?

What to wear: Dress for the 1940's!

Cirque So'Lame
When a traveling circus train packs up its act and moves cross country, everyone aboard is shocked to learn of the death of headliner Bonzo the Clown. A tragic accident … or was it? You’re the detective as you decide who had the motive, means, and opportunity to put down the clown!

What to wear: Dress as your favorite circus performer!

Loss of the Big Boss
It is the roaring twenties. When organized crime father Bobby “Big Boss” Bianchi is found dead on his own private rail car, everyone is suspect. You’re the detective as you help federal agent J. Hoover Edgar decide who had the motive, means, and opportunity to do in the Don!

What to wear: Dress for the 1920's!

Frank Lee

Cirque So'Lame

Big Boss cast

The following titles are available starting January 1, 2013

Achey Breaky Head

When country music singing sensation Hope Mountain returns home to premiere her new hit single, tragedy strikes a sour note. Her manager is found dead ... under highly suspicious circumstances. Everyone claims innocence but your detective work can change their tune. Decide who had the motive, means, and opportunity to commit a musical murder!

Dress in either style: country OR western!

License to Murder: James Bomb 0077
Otto Caprelli returns to direct the newest big budget James Bomb 0077 film. But when the actor playing the film's criminal mastermind is killed by a criminal mastermind, will Bomb get the babe or the bullet?

Dress as a super spy, femme fatale, or super villain!

A Fistful of Quarters
It is 1905. Idaho lawmen are cracking down on saloon gambling across the state. When saloon owner Kitty Korale takes the year's biggest poker game to a private train, she didn't gamble on trouble from Sherriff Big Bill Updyke. But luck deals a the lawman a bad hand. You must determine who put the poker in the sheriff’s poker face!

Dress for the Old West, pardner!


Hope Mountain Tour - 1979

License to Murder logo

A Fistful of Quarters