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River City actors are everywhere! Click the images below right to view television commercials or videos featuring cast members from River City Entertainment!

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When Somebody's Hurting music video
In 2013 we were approached by the Idaho Aquarium to produce a puppet show telling the story of their endanged sea turtle Beam. We developed a ten minute script, but added to the fun with two original songs. This is the music video for When Somebody's Hurting, sung by Beam's friend Polly Pufferfish (River City actress Mallory). We purposefully tried to match the beauty and emotion of a Disney song. Click the picture of the turtle to see the video.

Fun fact: The other song in the show tells the story of Beam's medical condition: a "bubble butt" he aquired after being hit by a boat. Air trapped in his body made him float rear-end up. The Bubble Butt song is very fun and quirky. The aquarium employees like it so much, some are using it as the ring tone on their cell phones!


Murder from Outer Space
This was our first attempt at making a really cool promo for an upcoming murder mystery. This three and a half minute video is actually the prequel to our murder mystery, and depicts the events taking place "the night before" our show. It's a mix of computer animation and live action from River City actors JR, Michele, and Lois. Click the picture of the women to see the video.

Fun Fact: The "two women on the lawn in the middle of the night" scene (pictured) was actually filmed in broad daylight around 5:15 PM at a house on a busy street. We added a blue tint in postproduction and erased the traffic noise. Not shown are the very odd looks passing drivers gave our actresses wearing nightgowns on a lawn during evening commute!
 Murder from Outer Space

2013 Wild West Promo

In 2013, River City added video production capability to help promote our shows. This video was the first we produced, and is a general promo for our upcoming 2103 Wild West Show. Click the Wild West Show logo to see the video.

Fun Fact: At the time of production, we had not yet determined the 2013 Wild West storyline, plot, or characters. So we threw some "Wild West" sounding music and sound effects onto a computer-generated Old West town and called it good!

Wild West Show

For this commercial, Jen (right) played a nurse pushing patients around in wheelchairs and counseling them on medical issues. Click the picture of Jen to see the video.

Fun fact: When she shot this commercial, Jen worked for a medical and gas supplier. Though not a real nurse, she really did know a great deal about medical oxygen levels. When she speaks to her "patients" in this commercial, she's actually giving correct medical information.
Idaho Lottery "Weekly Grand"
For this commercial, Mark (right) played a postman delivering a pile of cash to a lucky lottery winner. Click the picture of Mark to see the video.

Fun fact: The cash was real cash, with hundred dollar bills on the ouside of the stack, and a pile of one dollar bills in the middle.

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl
For this commercial, Mark (right) played a skeptical grounds keeper for Boise State's famous blue football turf. The actors were specifically told to have no reaction to the salesman's wacky idea to turn the turf brown. Click the picture at right to see the video.

Fun fact: The commercial was shot at Bronco stadium on the first cold day of the year. The turf had been covered with white frost that morning, which melted just in time for shooting to begin.

Potato Bowl 

Muckleshoot Casino
For this commercial, Mark (right) flew to Seattle to shoot in an Indian casino. Everyone in the commercial is an actor, but all shooting was done at real gaming tables. At the craps table, the actors were told to cheer wildly no matter how the dice came up. Click the picture at right to see the video.

Fun Fact:  The craps table was stocked with $10,000 in real chips. Stern security guards stood just off camera, watching every move of the actors.
Mark at casino

West Coast Car Company

For this commercial, Bruce (on left) and Mark played two corporate-types rediscovering their lost youth. The actors climbed into a beautiful Ford Mustang and actually drove around south Boise for thirty minutes, a dash-mounted camera capturing their every word. There was no script! The pair made up everything you hear, on the spot, in the car. They're great at parties ... but hardly ever get invited.
Click the picture at right to see the video.

Fun Fact: The car was almost out of gas. Driver Mark was constantly checking the gas gauge while improvising lines.
Bruce and Mark

Papa's Dog House

For this commercial, Brian played a half-crazed mad scientist hawking amazing gourmet hot dogs. Why?  Nobody else wanted to!  At the time Brian worked at a local TV station, and nobody else wanted to appear onscreen! Since then, he's been stopped numerous times on the street by someone calling "Hey! It's the hot dog guy!" Click the picture at right to see the video.


Fun Fact:  When filming inside the restaurant, none of the cooking equipment had arrived.  The tator tots and french fries in the commercial were from Sonic.

Brian hawks dogs

Idaho Lottery

In January 2009, the Idaho Lottery produced four new television commercials to promote their scratch-off tickets. River City actors appeared in several. Click the picture at right to see the video.

Fun Fact: The commercial at right was shot in a historic house once owned by the late Idaho Senator Frank Church.

Click the Idaho Lottery logo at right for a "behind the scenes" look at the making of all four commercials!

Fun Facts: One commercial was shot on a chilly day in Boise's Bronco Stadium. Actors were asked to wear red and black as "team colors" although there was no game and no team! Another commercial was shot in a local bar early in the morning ... with artificial smoke added to make the place look like an evening hot spot!

Mark as party Goer

Lottery logo

Lauryn Hill "Everything is Everything"
Music lovers remember Grammy award-winning musician Lauryn Hill's hit single "Everything is Everything." River City actors Mark, Camilla, Kenneth, Kat, and Lois appeared in the "Everything is Everything" music video, shot on the streets of New York City. The family played, of all things, "a family" watching the sky as a giant tone arm swung overhead. Click the photo at right to see the entire video.

Fun Fact: The music video included a clip of a very young Lois tugging at Mark's blue jeans and staring into the sky. That brief segment with Lois' face was featured on the Grammy Awards and Nickleodeon. The entire video appeared on numerous cable outlets including MTV and the Disney Channel.
Everything is Everything

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