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Choose A Character

Give your party some character! Invite some characters from River City Entertainment!

RCE CharactersWe'll send a character in full costume to your child's birthday party, your store's grand opening, or to your business meeting or conference.

Each character will spend a full hour with your guests. Each brings games, stories, and activities specific to their character. For example, princesses offer "Princess Lessons" teaching curtseying and polite conversation.

Choose one or more characters. Mix and Match!

Make your own "Beauty and the Beast" party by selecting a pricess and a werewolf. Or create an undersea wonderland by selecting a mermaid and a dolphin. Or return to the Old West with a cowboy and saloon girl. We can do whatever you like!

$100 per character hour
Spring 2013 special: $75 per character hour through April 30, 2103!


 Princess Characters    
Pink Princess

Elegant and charming!


Snow White

Enchanting stories of the forest!

Snow White story time

Little Mermaid

Tales from her undersea world!

Mermaid story time

Storybook Characters    
Alice in Wonderland

Still looking for that white rabbit!
 Alice in Wonderland  
The Mad Hatter

Crazy jokes and riddles!
 The Mad Hatter  

Queen of Hearts

Off with their heads!

 Queen of Hearts

Teddy  Bear

Big and lovable!

(Non speaking character)
 Teddy Bear  
Adventure Characters    

Choose an outlaw or marshal!


Gorilla Butler

He will even serve your party guests!

(Non speaking character)


 Others available    
Saloon girl
White Rabbit